Reasons and Solutions for Nipple Pain

Suffering from nipple pain while breastfeeding? I got your needed solutions right here!

Nipples are naturally sensitive, and most moms think that it’s normal for them to hurt, especially during breastfeeding. Today I will explain why this is a wide misconception and give you all tips to let go of that bothersome nipple pain!

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Mirna Sabbagh: Reasons and Solutions for Nipple Pain

First of all, what are the reasons behind nipple pain?

Reason #1 for nipple pain: wrong position

The main and most significant reason for that is your wrong breastfeeding position. I’ve been there! We moms used to place our babies in a sleeping position with their heads turned aside to breastfeed. 

However, the accurate posture could include having your baby’s stomach aligned with yours, with his head tilted slightly upwards, and supporting the baby’s head without forcing him to eat. Additionally, you should adopt laid-back breastfeeding without bending your back forward. 99% of nipple pain is caused by a wrong position.

Mirna El Sabbagh Reasons and Solutions for Nipple Pain


Reason #2 for nipple pain: tongue tie 

Truth is, nipple pain is never “normal”, you either need to fix your breastfeeding position with the help of a specialist, or check up for other reasons such as a tongue tie for the baby.

What are the solutions?

  • First of all, if you have a scratched nipple you could apply lanolin cream on your nipple, or even apply your breast milk as it contains antimicrobial and pain-killing properties. 
  • Second, you could use breast shells for your nipples in between feeds, which protect from friction between them and your clothes. These come in 2 forms, one with a middle opening, and another without it to help gather some milk from your unused breast for your baby. 
  • Third, you could use a nipple shield, which is a tool placed over your nipple to minimize pain while breastfeeding. 

It’s very important to recognize your nipple pain, and figure out solutions to help both you and your baby.

Mirna Sabbagh: Reasons and Solutions for Nipple Pain

I hope this was helpful!

To watch the full video, click on this link

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