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Dietitian Nutritionist Mirna Sabbagh has helped me with my child’s picky eating behaviors with developing strategies that work best for our family along with meal plans that will encourage him to try new varieties. She also assessed what are the reasons behind his picky eating through his diet or our parenting approaches. My son now eats 90% of our foods. My family now has much better healthy eating habits that I’m very happy with as a mother .

Jana Shami - Googe Review

What I loved about Mirna other than she's very genuine and sweet, Within 3 months I was able to lose 15kg while eating pasta, rice, bread, chocolate you name it !

I've always been a healthy person but she taught me how to enjoy losing weight as it was a way of living rather than depriving me from everything, she pointed to me what I was doing wrong.The sercret is you can have everything in moderation and now I enjoy cooking for me and my family with zero guilt ! And I know how to lose weight at any point in time. you just need to be patient and work hard..

Jumana Husseini - Facebook Review

Mirna's course answered all my questions about what, how, and how much to feed my baby. Questions that I had been receiving confusing and conflicting answers about.

Nour Boukhari - Instagram review

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