Find out about Mirna Sabbagh - Best Nutritionist and Dietitian in Dubai

Find out more about Mirna Sabbagh, Dietitian and Nutritionist  in Dubai

Mirna Sabbagh is one of Dubai's most prominent nutritionists. She sees patients from birth until the elderly years. She has helped thousands adults and children  thorough approach where she focuses on teaching the patient skills and understanding proper nutrition for effective weight loss or to reach their health goals. Mirna sees patients for obesity, malnutrition, and picky eating. Mirna focuses on changing the body and mind and focuses on a positive outlook for healthy living no matter how difficult the case may be. She is most known for successfully seeing results with many "hopeless" cases, who have tried several approaches and did not succeed previously. She frequently appears on regional TV channels such as MBC and AlArabiya as a regional nutrition expert and writes for several major magazines and is a speaker year round for hundreds of attendees.

She has helped thousands of individuals and families through her consultations and digital nutrition courses for families to help them throughout every journey of parenting from pregnancy nutrition, breastfeeding, solids, and all the way until they are healthy independent eaters. Her instagram community reaches more than 150,000 parents in the region. You can also check her online courses.

"After seeing several dietitians and following many weight loss programs, I can confidently say Mirna has the most effective weight loss approach. She helped me understand what I should eat, why, and in what proportions all while keeping a positive outlook all throughout. She supported me with all my questions and concerns until I have lost more than 30 kilos. I now only see her for follow ups once every 6 months and continue to lose weight on my own on a monthly basis" Tala Nehmeh

Nutrition Consultations for Adults, Children and Teenagers by Mirna Sabbagh - Nutritionist in Dubai

An inBody analysis is part of every consultation in order to give Mirna a proper understanding of the body distribution. It is followed by setting goals and expectations and developing an individualized plan for the next few months to come. Weight loss results with Mirna are usually kilos that never come back.


Mirna Sabbagh is the best nutritionist in Dubai for adults and childrenbest child and adult nutritionist in dubai

Nutrition consultations for children by Mirna Sabbagh - Nutritionist in Dubai

Mirna Sabbagh strongly believes the key to a life of good health is a proper start. Mirna's work with patients is in 2 parts: one is prevention of diseases and the other is treating or handling obesity or deficiencies when they occur. She has developed an obesity prevention program that has received outstanding results. It is never too early to start learning about eating better. Mirna sees babies from birth, including toddlers for starting solids consultations or preventing excess weight gain.


Dealing with children and teenagers is very delicate. She uses a very special approach with children and parents as she knows weight can be causing concern and clashes in the household. For helping children with weight loss or being underweight, she works on building rapport with the children and winning their trust. She then works on explaining the right kinds and amount of food for their age and body type. The last thing she would do is make children feel guilty or bad about their body. This is a very sensitive topic and should be treated as such. For children above 3, she also uses an in-body analysis to understand the muscle and fat body composition, her consultations are followed by developing a suitable program for optimal results. The parents and children both usually love it.



" My daughter stopped eating sugar since we've stepped foot into Mirna's clinic. I did not imagine this would happen, and it has positively influenced our whole house and greatly influenced our relationship together. My daughter's weight is now in the normal range after she had been diagnosed as Obese" - Jen McMillon

"My relationship with my son was very aggravated because I kept nagging about him exercising more and eating less. As soon as Joe saw Mirna, she suggested that her relationship be with Joe alone and for me to take a supportive role. Since then Joe had lost all the excess weight and our relationship has never been better" Laura Ford


Mirna Sabbagh, an adult and child dietitian, nutritionist, and lactation consultant. She also has several digital courses: Pregnancy Nutrition Course, breastfeeding course,  starting solids 6-12 months courseand also child nutrition for all children including picky eaters, that you can sign up for from the comfort of your home.

The courses are pre-recorded. As soon as you make the course purchase, you will receive a link to watch the course from your phone or laptop.

You can also e-mail Mirna for questions on

Mirna is no longer doing consultations. Her online courses and webinars cover 95% of parents common concerns. 

Testimonial about Mirna Sabbagh:

"I went to Mirna for a consultation for my daughter for being obese, and she helped through the whole process all while making each member of the family feel comfortable. I told everyone about our success and how she is the best nutritionist in Dubai. I even recommended her for my family members in Jordan and they have done online consultations with her for adult weight loss with great success." - Nour Bouhari