How To Sanitize My Baby's Items?

Mirna El Sabbagh How to Sanitize my Baby's Items

Babies have a very vulnerable immunity in the early months after their birth. It is very important to sanitize all your baby’s products, especially those that touch his mouth.

Unlike children of 2 or 3 years that have complete immunity, babies of a younger age could be poisoned by any minor bacteria.

Today I will be discussing sanitizing all babies’ products.

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Tips on keeping high sanitization for your baby:

Tip #1: It is so important that your hands are clean before you sanitize anything for your baby. I recommend cleaning your hands with water and soap very well, preferably with warm water for 60 seconds, or you can use a hand sanitizer. 

Tip #2: Clean everything in contact with your baby with water and soap before placing it in the sterilizer. Disassemble all the parts of the bottle including the nipple and wash it with water and soap. 

Tip #3: Wash all the inner parts of the bottle, which means not only the external parts but also the rim that holds milk residuals. Make sure to wash the entire area that your baby’s bottle is exposed to. 

Tip #4: Breast shells, nipple shields, bottle covers, and pacifiers should all be washed with soap and then sanitized.

Mirna ElSabbagh How to Sanitize My Baby's Items

How to use a sterilizer? 

Of course each sterilizer is different. Make sure you read the instructions well. 

The upper part of the sterilizer is usually used for small objects like nipples, covers, breast shells, or small parts of the bottle. The lower part is used for the bottles. It is very important that we fill the water compartment with the needed quantity of water (around 120 ml or depending on instructions). Then close the sterilizer and turn it on according to the mode you need.

You can choose an option for only steaming, which gives off vapor that kills 99% of bacteria, or you can choose a steaming-with-drying or only drying option (usually found ins sterilizers). If you have time, the most practical option is streaming with drying but it might take more time, ranging between 30 to 40 minutes. Make sure your hands are clean before touching sanitized items to avoid rebuilding the bacteria. 

Mirna ElSabbagh - How to sanitize my baby's items

I hope this was helpful!

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