FAQ and Misconceptions about breastfeeding

There are A LOT of misconceptions in the Middle East about breastfeeding unfortunately. Let me share with you some misconceptions:

1. If your mom doesn't have good milk supply then you don't (WRONG) What brings good supply is breastfeeding very frequently as soon as the baby is born! It's all about supply and demand. Watch this video here to understand more.

2. You should give formula until your milk comes in on day 4-5 (SO WRONG AND CAUSES LOW MILK SUPPLY)Watch this video and also this one below

Watch a video about it here 

3. You need to give bottle at night so the baby sleeps (VERY WRONG AND CAN AFFECT BREASTFEEDING)Watch a video on the impact of giving a bottle here.

4. Breastfeeding should be painful (SO WRONG) Please watch the free video sent to you

5. Breastfeeding affects your breast shape (WRONG WRONG WRONG, IT DOES NOT) Watch this video to find out more

6. Breastfeeding moms gain weight and should smell like herbs (SO SAD AND WRONG). Watch a video about it here,

7. Breastfeeding is natural and you should know what to do (If It wasn't for family and health care providers negatively interfering then maybe yes. However, 80% of mothers in the Middle East fail with breastfeeding. To succeed you need information)

Breastfeeding is the most beautiful gift you give yourself and your baby. A gift of a lifetime of health. It saved your thousands of dollars and provides health benefits no formula company can provide. However, don't be the 80% who fail. Be the 20% who succeed. Get the breastfeeding success course to start right. 

Mirna Sabbagh, an adult and child dietitian, nutritionist, and lactation consultant sees patients physically in Dubai. In addition, she also has several digital courses: breastfeeding course,  starting solids 6-12 months course, child nutrition for all children including picky eaters, and also a pregnancy course that you can sign up for from the comfort of your home. You can also e-mail Mirna for questions on info@mirnaelsabbagh.com


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