Babies & gas causing foods - الأطفال والأطعمة المسببة للغازات

It is not necessary that if a food bloats your baby means that you should avoid giving it to them!

Garlic, cauliflower, bulgur etc. are healthy and nutritious and they are indeed a good option to feed your child!

Once you start introducing these kinds of foods to your kids at an early age, the better their gut gets at digesting them as it won’t upset their stomach.
Things might get a little smelly but indeed their bloat is healthy!


We shouldn’t give babies foods that can cause gases, right?


There are foods that can cause bloating for kids when they start eating. This bloating is normal, expected, and can be healthy! This is different from the colic and extreme bloating that should be discussed with a doctor. What is the difference?

When we start offering foods to babies, we think that all they need is calories. Which is wrong. Foods offered during the early ages such as 6 months are very important to create a healthy digestive system, nervous system, immune system and to set up their palate to either enjoy healthy foods or unhealthy foods. 

What they eat now can set them up for life. The foods that create the best foundation for children are foods such as legumes (chickpeas, lentils, beans) or things like whole grains (like oats or bulgur) and vegetables like broccoli and more. However, most of these foods are not given to babies! By avoiding giving babies these foods, we are NOT helping them.

Mirna ElSabbagh - Babies & gas causing foods

The bloating that happens in the body because of these foods is normal. Why?

Most healthy foods such as legumes and vegetables and whole grains are high in fiber and vitamins and minerals. These fibers act as food for the healthy bacteria. The healthy bacteria in turn starts to replicate and get stronger. This healthy bacteria is considered the base of a healthy immunity, digestion, and protects from gut infections. In the process of digesting these fibers, the body creates gases. These gases can sometimes have a healthy impact on the body!

The more we offer fiber rich foods, the better the body gets at digesting it and no longer causes bloating. Children get the most gases if they are not used to having fibers.

The normal bloating may cause some gases but usually does not bother babies. This is different than baby colic. Usually colic is very rare after 6 months. If the baby is going through pain at age 6 months, then the reasons could be that the baby is not ready yet for a particular food item. In this case, it is a good idea to avoid that particular food for 2 months.

Or maybe the child got too much fibers, in this case its a good idea to decrease the amount a little bit.

However, if the baby is going through colic and pain, it’s a good idea to discuss it with your doctor as the baby may have a medical problem digesting certain foods such as an allergy or malabsorption.

When we depend only on rice and foods that don’t have fibers, we are harming the child. We would be giving kids foods that are low in iron, zinc, fibers and vitamins and minerals that create the foundations for a much healthier adult life. A healthy lifestyle from age 6 months decreases heart disease, cancers, diabetes and so much more.

Focus on wholesome foods that are rich in fibers.


I hope this was helpful!

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