3 Reasons Your Baby Might Be Refusing Food

Three reasons that prevent kids from eating well that we don’t notice:

  1. Not having a consistent schedule. It is important to note down the baby’s schedule daily so we can be consistent with the amount of milk and food we are giving. Having a consistent eating and sleep schedule will help the baby develop consistent hunger cues and understanding of when they are hungry. It will also prevent us from giving food everyday at times when the child is not hungry
  2. The wrong food timing. Giving babies food when they are sleepy before sleeping or after waking up will often lead babies to reject food. Avoid giving food before or after sleep directly.
  3. Offering food during play time. Avoid putting kids to eat while playing. This will make them associate food with lack of fun. Try offering food after a ten minute down time such as a walk or a talk with your little one.


Mirna Sabbagh: Reasons why my baby won't eat

There are SO many reasons why babies might be rejecting food.

Most of the time it has to do with the food schedule, food timing, or the baby’s hunger. I discuss all the reasons a child might refuse food and their solutions in my picky eating guide.



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