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How much sugar does my product really have? 

All food companies are obliged to indicate the amount of added sugar their product has.

BUT, these amounts are reported in grams. It is something to see an item has 40 grams of sugar, but it is another thing when we understand this means it has 10 tsp. of sugar. It puts it in perspective.

How much is a teaspoon of sugar?

Each 4 grams of sugar accounts for one teaspoon of sugar.

But there is also another hidden information that you need to pay attention to

Let's say that on a soft drink can, we have the amount of sugar as 11 grams. But 10.6 grams in what quantity? Usually it is 11 grams per 100 milliliters. But a can of Cola is 330ml. Hence the total amount of sugar in your drink would be around 35 grams. Sleeky, huh?

But then again how much is 35 grams of sugar? Let's put it in teaspoons! If each 4 grams are equivalent to 1 teaspoon, then in a cola can we have 8.7 teaspoons of sugar! And that's only the added sugar without even talking about natural sugar!

It is very useful for every person to know how many teaspoons of sugar are in any food or drink.

You can teach it to your older children.
At the end of this video, there’s a shocking amount of teaspoons in one item, you will not believe it.


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