My Baby does not Cover the Aerola While Breastfeeding, Is it Wrong?

As a mom you might have read online that your baby has to be covering the aerola while breastfeeding in order to be able to eat properly.

But how accurate is that?

Today I will be answering this question and addressing proper breastfeeding tips for your baby.

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Mirna Sabbagh Adult and Child Nutritionist: My Baby does not cover aerola while breastfeeding, is it wrong?

Even though most websites say a baby's mouth should cover the aerola. let's go over some facts.

1. A baby should open his/her mouth wide.

2. The baby can be covering the mom's aerola if the mother's aerola is small.

However, not every mother's aerola is small. Each woman has a different size aerola. Let’s think of it logically, if a baby’s mouth is relatively small in size, whereas a mom’s aerola can come in several sizes, each based on cultures, origins and body types how can this suggestion actually work?

Given this, you can realize that not all babies are able to open their mouths enough to cover the entire aerola, which is totally NORMAL. In fact, the baby’s ability to cover the aerola has no effect on the baby’s ability to suck milk or health. 

How can you know if your baby is breastfeeding properly?

Well you don’t have to worry as long as:

  • Your baby is opening their mouth wide enough (140 degrees)
  • Your breasts don’t hurt while breastfeeding
  • Your baby’s weight is healthy

Eventually, don’t trust everything you read online, don’t try to push your aerola into the baby’s mouth, and follow only professional guidelines for breastfeeding!

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Mirna Sabbagh Adult and Child Nutritionist: My Baby does not cover aerola while breastfeeding, is it wrong?

I hope this was helpful!

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