Nutritionist for Teenagers in Dubai - Mirna Sabbagh

Worried about your teenager's weight gain or weight loss? Or are you a teenager yourself looking for some help? You've come to the right place. 

Dealing with teenagers is quite different from dealing with children or adults, mainly because they go through more pressure and anxiety given the burdens of school and peer pressure. Their hormones are also different and their emotions are often volatile leading to overeating. Teenagers may also find it difficult to open up about their body image. This is why Mirna's strongest suits is building rapport with the child, understanding their struggles, and working on them one on one. 

Mirna focuses on  finding internal motivators for the teenager and helping the teenager reach those goals. She works on a step by step approach for long term results. The last thing she would do is give a teenager a diet plan and just tell them to "eat this and simply exercise more" because we all know that if it were that simple, nobody would gain weight. Teenagers need to understand what is going into their body and why and need to make the decisions out of conviction. This is why Mirna focuses a lot on educating the teenagers, until they become experts and man times start spreading the healthy energy and tips to their friends!

Discussions with the parents are done if this is the family wishes and the parents would like to discuss how to make healthier food for the teenagers as part of the nutrition consultation.

The teenager will receive an In-body analysis at every visit to check, body fat, muscle mass, and metabolism. This helps the teenager stay motivated to come back and see the results at every visit.

Looking to help your teenager? Let's do it together as a team.




Mirna Sabbagh, an adult and child dietitian, nutritionist, and lactation consultant. She also has several digital courses: Pregnancy Nutrition Course, breastfeeding course,  starting solids 6-12 months courseand also child nutrition for all children including picky eaters, that you can sign up for from the comfort of your home.

The courses are pre-recorded. As soon as you make the course purchase, you will receive a link to watch the course from your phone or laptop.

You can also e-mail Mirna for questions on

Mirna is no longer doing consultations. Her online courses and webinars cover 95% of parents common concerns. 


Testimonial about Mirna Sabbagh:

"I went to Mirna for a consultation for my daughter for being obese, and she helped through the whole process all while making each member of the family feel comfortable. I told everyone about our success and how she is the best nutritionist in Dubai. I even recommended her for my family members in Jordan and they have done online consultations with her for adult weight loss with great success." - Nour Bouhari