Should you Carry your Baby or is that Wrong?

People always warn moms not to carry their child, since they’ll get used to it or the child will get more attached.

But, how true is that theory?

Today, I will clarify the truth about whether you should or should not carry your baby, by displaying researches and addressing emotional and physical health.

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Mirna Elsabbagh, Adult & Child Nutritionist - Breastfeeding and Child Nutrition

Several researches have been conducted to study the backgrounds of this theory, and it has been proven WRONG.

Experiment 1:

One of the greatest examples is an experiment called “the strange situation”, made in the 1950s.  

Old times? But still applicable!

It consists of putting moms with their babies in a room, then the mom would leave the room, and the baby is monitored to detect his/her reactions for their mom’s absence. After a while, the mom comes back in.

Results showed that the babies whose moms care for their needs, and display a secure attachment and love, cry less.

Sounds weird right?

In fact, the babies would grow up to be more independent, since they feel secure, and they’re certain that their mom will be there when they need her.

Experiment 2:

Another experiment that caught my attention was one applied on monkeys, where baby monkeys got detached from their moms after they’re born.

In result, they’ve lost their ability to socialize with other monkeys, to mate, and turned out to be very aggressive. To my surprise, when these same monkeys were given 2 options of either a fake mom giving them food, and a fake mom with no food but with warmth, they chose the latter.

Experiment 3:

Other studies show that an orphan children after war, despite being given food and drinks, and growing normally and healthy, were showing great frequencies of sickness or even death. This phenomenon is what’s known as “emotional starvation”.

Eventually, children don’t exclusively need to receive physical needs, but rather emotional needs like being hugged, held up, and secured.

Emotional health is one crucial topic that we should shed light on while discussing children’s health, not just psychologically, but also physically.

So next time someone tells you should not hold up your child so often, share with them this video!

Carry your babies, follow your inner mother’s instinct, and make sure your baby know you’ll always be there for them!


To watch my full video, click on this Link.


Mirna Elsabbagh, Adult & Child Nutritionist - Breastfeeding and Child Nutrition


I hope this was helpful!

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