How can you add nuts into your diet?

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t have a handful of nuts. I know their power, love their flavor, and love their impact on my body.

Three reasons why I eat nuts daily:

Whether it’s raw, in spreads, or in bars, nuts are:

  • High in healthy fats which are good for the whole body, especially our brains and skin
  • Rich in fiber which is great for digestion, avoiding constipation and for our healthy gut bacteria
  • Very high in vitamins and minerals especially magnesium. Magnesium is great for our moods and also good sleep.

We can have nuts raw, in nut butters, or as part of a bar high in nuts like BeKind bars.

Mirna Sabbagh: How can you add nuts into your diet?


How can you add nuts into your diet?

  • You can eat them raw
  • You can crush them and add them into smoothies, porridges, in breads, or baked goods.
  • You can have them as nut butters on bread or in food
  • You can have them as a Nut bar on the go. BeKind Bars are high in nuts and taste really good.

Having nuts in raw format is of course the best way to have nuts. Nut bars have a lot of nutritional benefits. Often they have sugar added to them or other sources of oil for flavor and also texture. The amount of added sugar in most BeKind bars is around a teaspoon. I am comfortable having them on the go. They remain a delicious ways to have nuts and a much better snack than other high sugar, low nutritional value snacks in the market. I also love that they have no artificial flavor, artificial color, or preservatives.

PS: My favorite flavor is salt dark chocolate. How about you?
#ad I have collaborated with BeKind for this video and to spread awareness about the importance of nuts.


I hope this was helpful!

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