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Food intolerance testing (IgG testing), is it a waste of money? 

Food intolerance is very common yet is different than food allergy. Food allergy is an exaggerated immune response to certain foods and the body triggers an allergic reaction. Food intolerance, however, does not involve and immune response and are generally digestive problems. 

Recently, food intolerance testing (or IgG testing) is becoming a trend and is used to help people lose weight (or so they say).

But is this really accurate? Do you need to do IgG testing if you want to lose weight, or is it just a waste of money?

Simply, it is a waste of money.

According to the American, Canadian, and European academies of Allergy, IgG testing has never been scientifically proven to detect food intolerance, neither help in weight loss. It is not accurate, not reliable, and gives false information.

What the test does is that it screens for high levels of IgG (a type of antibodies) against certain food particles, and if the levels are found high, they will tell you that you have food intolerance. 

BUT it is normal that the IgG levels would be high, and it is more likely a normal response of the immune system to exposure to food. It has nothing to do with intolerance.

If it is not accurate, then why does following diets that utilize this test help people lose weight?

It is because these kinds of diet are generally very restrictive! 

When you do the test, you would find out that you are intolerant to like 30-40 kinds of food! And when you remove all of them from your diet, you would be cutting down on a lot of carbs, fat, calories... etc. It is normal to lose weight then!

IgG and IgE testing are not the same

It is important that you know the difference between IgG and IgE testing. IgG and IgE are two different types of antibodies. IgE is involved in mediating allergic immune responses, while IgG is involved in various kinds of immunity and not necessarily food intolerance.

IgE testing is legit and accurate and can tell if you have a allergy (and not intolerance) to certain food or food proteins. 

Food intolerance is there. But IgG testing is not the right test.

Watch the rest of the video for an easy way to know if you have food intolerance or not.


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