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The below video and article are written by Mirna Sabbagh.


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Why you should never tell your child to finish their plate

Do not underestimate your child's mental capacity! The child's brain has the capacity to decide the sufficient amount of food needed for the body to develop.

What happens when you tell your child to finish their plate?

I was told to finish my plate every day! This only taught my stomach to eat beyond its capacity. They would lose the skill of knowing when to stop and the body would lose the capacity to decide: Ok this is enough food and it is sufficient for development. What happens then is that the child would start eating beyond their capacity making them more prone to develop obesity on the longer term.

You think your child is underweight?

Forcing them to eat is definitely not the solution. Always consult with your doctor and your dietitian to first make sure they are indeed underweight. Only then we can start working and coming up with healthy solutions to deal with the problem.

What should you do?

Trust your child. Offer them healthy food with a reasonable quantity, and never force them to finish their plate.


Testimonial about Mirna Sabbagh:

"I went to Mirna for a consultation for my daughter for being obese, and she helped through the whole process all while making each member of the family feel comfortable. I told everyone about our success and how she is the best nutritionist in Dubai. I even recommended her for my family members in Jordan and they have done online consultations with her for adult weight loss with great success." - Nour Bouhari