My Baby is not Eating Enough (Ages 6 to 12 months)

My baby is not eating what I am cooking


Well, this can be a struggle for many moms and it makes them really upset. Please remember that children are moody and it’s normal for them to want something and not want it the next day.

Whenever you offer food especially if it’s new, don’t have high expectations of how much they’ll eat.

Here is what you should ask yourself if your baby is not eating


  1. Does my food have flavor? Many babies do not eat because the food is too bland. Try to sauté in a little bit of olive oil, some spices, and garlic instead of steaming food. Or try offering them home made foods that you have without the salt.
  2. Is my baby too full? Offering food for a baby who just had breastmilk or formula of course will end in disappointment because the baby is already full. Try to give them 1-1.5 hours after milk to offer food again
  3. Do I keep repeating the same foods? Babies get bored too! If we keep offering them the same food, of course they may reject it out of boredom.
  4. Am I being too pushy? When offering food please allow your baby to have fun and explore. If they feel like they are being pushed to eat they will probably not eat.
  5. Is my baby sitting comfortably? Make sure your baby is sitting comfortably and their feet have somewhere to rest so they can eat better. Also, please check the following few posts on the correct spoon and positioning
    1. Small spoon is more comfortable for the baby to self feed
    2. The baby's chest should be above the table and not below the table.
    3. The baby's legs should be comfortable
  6. Is my baby too sleepy or too stimulated? Babies will naturally say no to food when they are too sleepy or too tired. Avoid giving food around those times.
  7. Is my baby teething? Babies often eat much less when they are teething. On those days try giving them more pureed food that is more comfortable for their gums.


Always remember, your baby may be eating well even if it was a few spoons. It can be just a phase. If it continues to go on, I recommend you get in touch with me for a consultation so we can figure out why this is happening and develop a solution.


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