Lebanese Local Businesses

Lebanon has been going through difficult times and now more than ever, we should stand together and help support local businesses. 

I've compiled a list below of several businesses for you to check out. #LoveLocal

They fall in the current categories:

1- Bakery

2- Beauty

3- Calligraphy Art

4- Cleaning 

5- Decoration

6- Life Coaching

7- Nutrition Services

8- Online Shops

9- Pet Services

10- Virtual Assistance


1. Belicious Bakes

Belicious Bakes is a bakery that serves guilt free organic treats passion-ally whisked and perfectly delivered for a healthier you. You can reach them out on +961 70 69 19 35.


2. The Academy Aley

Makeup academy with the makeup artist Fouad haidar. They provide a variety of courses with an official certificate. Courses include: makeup, tattoo, Micro-baling, lash lift & eyebrow lamination, nails ( gel, gelish, dip etc ...) and they also provide makeup for brides and for any occasion. You can reach them out on +961 78 952208


Calligraphy Art

3. Bakhat El Id

Your local calligraphy artist specialized in arabic art. You can reach them out on +961 433740 or mehsen.fakih@yahoo.com


4. Atom Clean

Atom Clean is a 100% Lebanese company with all its products. Due to the crisis that the Lebanese people are suffering from, the idea of Atom clean came to supply as much people as possible with excellent products and with affordable prices. You can reach them out on +961 70 604089.

5. Vera Homecare

Vera Homecare provide antiseptic & sterilization products, detergents, soap, air freshener... that are all in conformity with the institute of industrial research standards (Lebanese ministry of industry). You can reach them out on +961 76 018 707 or vera.company.business@gmail.com


6. Fabric Ville

Fabric Ville is a family business based in Beirut that sells curtains, furniture Fabrics and wallpapers. They also customize kids’ wallpapers which can be very interesting for moms and moms to be! Fabric Ville can create anything you have in mind to complete your nursery and they personalize it by adding their baby’s names to it. You can reach them out on +961 81 858712 or info@fabricville.store

7. Metalistic

Home and event decorations! Customize it the way you want. You can reach them out on +961 78 993900 or metalistic.leb@gmail.com

Life Coaching

8. Tanya Hamdan

Family support specialist. Supports parents of children with difficulties.
Certified Trainer & Parent Coach.
Tanya has an exclusive license for a training program (from USA) that helps PARENTS on how to handle the stress and overcome the challenges they're facing through their journey. You can reach her out on +961 81 857575 or info@tanyahamdan.com

Nutrition Services

9. Salam Salem Clinic

A dietitian and breastfeeding specialist trying hard to spread more awareness about breastfeeding and to let moms and moms to be know that there are professionals in the field that can help them and guide them before delivery and during their breastfeeding journey. You can reach them out on +961 70 846 316 or salams@live.com

Online Shops

10. L’Atelier Roulant

L’Atelier Roulant is a mom and pop online store that creates Plexi products for various occasions. You can customize your own products as well! You can reach them out on +961 04717829.

11. Juwly Jewelry

Juwly is a jewelry brand, founded by Julie Khoury, that provides jewelry products, designs and manufacture services for individuals, brands, events, etc. You can reach them out on +961 70 502409 or sales@juwly.com

12. Sweetie Pie

A high quality baby & children’s clothing store ages 0 to 8 years. You can reach them out on +961 71 543011 or sweetiepie.lb@outlook.com

13. Soumer's Shop

Soumer's Shop provide uniforms for hospitality, medical, house keeping and embroidery. They also provide restaurant supplies. You can reach them out on +961 03 622972

14. Labels lb

Labels.lb is small business located in Lebanon that opened their page a few months ago. The purpose of their page is to customize each piece to be unique and personalized to a specific client! 
The materials they mainly use are: neon LED lights, plexiglass, stainless steel and vinyl stickers. You can reach them out on labels.lb.email@gmail.com

Pet Services

15. Dr Paw Veterinary 

The specialists know the history of your pet and make use of their know-how to constantly improve his or her quality of life. At Dr. Paw, they believe that prevention is always greater than treatment and we will continuously educate and involve you in your pet’s health and well-being. Their experts remain available at any time to assist you in case anything is wrong or unusual with your pet. You can reach them out on +961 4 541 965 or drpawleb@gmail.com

Virtual Assistance

16. Sbeih Virtual Assistance Agency (SVA)

The absolute best team to help support you with your workload. SVA have highly trained virtual assistants that can assist you with appointments to project management!

Their scope of services include: social media management, appointment handling, email customer service, data entry, research, virtually managing your team and much more. You can reach them out on +961 70 408 184 or info@sva.agency

Sbeih Virtual Assistance: Lebanese Local Businesses