Items on Amazon I like for starting solids

Hello hello lovely,

There is nothing more fun than shopping for your little one! Kindly find below a few items I used with Karim and loved.


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 1. Munchkin feeder:

A baby feeder is an amazing way to get children to eat and munch without worrying about choking. You can put in its fruits or cooked vegetables or even frozen fruits to soothe those teething and painful gums. This is an item I like and recommend often.

Mirna Sabbagh recommends munchkin feeder - Nutritionist for children

Munchkin 2 Pack Baby Food Feeder, Baby Fruit Net, Fresh Food Feeding Nipple, Fruit Teether, Silicone Feeder with Fresh Food

2. Cups 

Dr Brown's spoutless cup

Babies should be transitioning from bottles to cups at this age so they don't give you an incredibly hard time letting go of the bottle later. Sippy cups are no longer recommended by experts and I much prefer those spoutless cups.

Mirna Sabbagh - child nutritionist in Dubai recommends dr brown's sippy cups

 Dr Browns Dr Browns Cheers 360 Cup with Handles Blue, Piece of 1


Opens cups

The ideal scenario will be your baby drinking confidently from an open cup by 18 months, many babies are able to do that way before that. The only way to do so is to start introducing an open cup from 6 months.

 One of the open cups I like is this one. Some of the reasons I love them is because they are  Food Safe Grade: Non-Toxin Healthy Material, Green timing wheat straw cups are made of natural wheat straw fiber. These are healthy BPA Free & FDA approved.

 3. Bibs

I love those cleanable silicon bibs because you can wash them off on the spot. No need for a washing machine or drying them. I had at least 5-6 as many would get lost :D

Mirna Sabbagh child nutritionist recommends those bibs for babies

Tommee Tippee Roll 'n' Go Baby Pouch Drip Catcher Baby Bib, 7+ Months - Blue and Green, 4 Pack

4. High chairs

The choice of high chairs is really important. 4 things you need to look for:

1. A proper place for the baby to rest his/her feet. Make sure it's adjustable

2. A proper back support

3. That the high chair lasts for years to come

4. That the high chair is easily cleanable because it will get SO DIRTY. Usually high chairs come with 2 trays which is convenient so you can remove the tray and clean it and have another one handy.

Do your research as there are high chairs in all price ranges and you can find what you want anywhere on the range. However, just because it's expensive does not mean it's better. Make sure I like this option for high chairs as it can be sued for different ages and has multi usages including being a regular chair and being able to carry it and put it on the regular adult table.

Mirna Sabbagh child nutirtionist in dubai recommends the following

Baby Trend MUV 6-in-1 Custom Dining Chair, Black, Pack of 1

5.  Nutricook

So, there are a thousand "baby food" things in the market that are supposed to cook the food for babies. In my opinion, all a mom needs is a regular pot and a regular masher and perhaps a steaming basket that you can find in any kitchen! I explain that in details in my Course.

If however, you would like a more detailed recommendation, I like the Nutricook pot. It comes with a steam basket inside. You can steam food or cook it until it's completely mushed. If you'd like my food processing recommendation, continue to read below. I also like that it is stainless steel and has NO CHEMICAL COATING.


If you already have a pressure cooker or do not want to buy a pressure cooker, just make sure you have a steam basket.


Nutricook Smart Pot by Nutribullet 1000 Watts - 9 in 1 Instant Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker, 6 Liters, 13 Smart Programs, Brushed Stainless Steel/Black, 2 Years Warranty


6. Blender

One of my favorite items in my kitchen is the Kenwood hand blender. It is SO quick and so efficient and after years of buying things and tossing them out, I can say this is one of the cheapest and best items I have gotten. if you do not want to invest into a processor or hand blender, a simple food masher such as a potato masher will do! Sometimes, even a fork will solve the problem!

hand blender recommended by Mirna Sabbagh adult and child nutritionist in dubai

Kenwood Hand Blender Triblade System,600W HDP109WG

7. Mat

For babies to be adventurous eaters, they've got to make a mess. It can be stressful and annoying at first but so worth it. As mothers, what we can do is create a set up to make the mess more tolerable. That's why a Mat under the high chair makes a gigantic difference. There are many on the market, I chose this mat because it looks practical. You can use it for other things too like messy play.

Mirna Sabbagh adult and child nutritionist recommends this mat for starting solids

Paw Legend Washable Highchair Splat Floor Mat- Anti-Slip Silicone Spot Splash Mess Mat(53'' X 53'')-Food Catcher Art Craft Leak Proof Mat,Animal


8. Plates and spoons

3 things you need to look for in plates for babies

1. That they are a curved and not flat so babies can learn to scoop food

2. They are made of bpa free material

3. Ideally the plate has suction and sticks to the tray that way your baby can't toss it down

plates for babies



Silicone Feeding Food Plate Tray Dishes Food Holder for Baby Toddler Kid Children, Lime

 As for spoons, I recommend a soft tip spoon. They come in different sizes, there are short ones that are easy to hold for babies and long ones that are great for the mom and dad to help. I couldn't find the size online however these seem to be a good option.

Mirna Sabbagh recommends soft spoon for babies

Tommy Tippee spoons

9. Cutting boards

When you have a baby, you must be careful with cross contamination. For example, you should not cut fruits and vegetables on the same board as chicken or meat. Any cutting board will be fine. I personally recently got the Joseph Joseph cutting boards because they are bamboo, durable, also gorgeous. You can however get any cutting board.

Mirna Sabbagh adult and child nutritionist recommends cutting boards

Joseph Joseph 60141 Index Bamboo Cutting Board Set of 3 Boards with Storage Stand Non-Slip


10. Storage containers 

I like glass containers a lot because plastic containers (Tupperwares) can leach chemicals from the plastic into the food. So I switched to completely glass containers. You can buy any brand you like. Make sure it is microwave safe, oven safe and dishwasher safe. I love that I can heat food directly into the oven with my storage containers. I also use them for fruits and vegetables. They are found in all sizes, I use the smaller sizes for crushed nuts and seeds, spices, and salad dressings and they can be great for baby food containers when you go out or even just for serving.

Aside from the fact that they are safe, I love that their color does not get stained and they do not stink the same way the plastic ones do


glass containers are much better than plastic ones


Lock & Lock LLG422 Container, Clear, W 14.8 x H 11.4 x L 7.0 cm, 1.58-cup, Rectangle, Glass


Additional recommendations:

If you are looking for an amazing high powered blender for smoothies. I love the Nutribullet. I use it to make vegetable smoothies as well.

Mirna Sabbagh recommends Nutribullet 

Nutribullet Full Size Blender + Combo 1000 Watts, 9 Piece Set, Multi-Function High Speed Blender, Mixer System with Nutrient Extractor, Smoothie Maker, Dark Grey, 2 Years Warranty


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