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The Parental L.O.V.E Recipe Kids aged 3years till 12years with Tanya Fakhoury

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This course is in Arabic.
The Parental L.O.V.E Recipe
A secret recipe to become a peaceful parent with just 4 ingredients.

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"This is Mirna here. As a new mom, I had 100% confidence in what I should feed my child but I was struggling with the right parenting approach to use with my son. I was torn and I did not find he appropriate approach to use that I could trust was 100% correct. I stumbled across Tanya's parenting course. It validated SO much of what I was doing right and gave me SO many values to live by on the right way to parent and handle situations. I am grateful for Tanya's knowledge. I highly recommend this course for every parent."

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If you agree that parenting is one of the most important roles in life, do you feel you are doing it right? Or you know that something needs to change if you want to parent with ease? 

Whatever stage you’re at in your parenting journey, The Parental L.O.V.E Recipe Online Program will help you shift the way you look at your parenting and transform your relationship with your children, from age 3 till 12yrs, to a more peaceful and joyful one.

Tanya Fakhoury’s transparency will make you feel that you are not alone on this journey and that all parents make mistakes and might yell at times and loose their temper. But what matters really is how you show up after, how you apologize, how you forgive yourself and move on with the trust that things are going to get better. Applying Tanya’s skills will lift you up, relaxes you and makes you feel that it’s an effortless journey.

Over 26 Pre-Recorded Videos (less than 5 minutes each) Tanya will dive deep into the 4 ingredients of her secret recipe to become a peaceful parent.  

Today, it’s your turn. And it begins by understanding how yours and your children’s unmet needs can make you and them behave in frustrating ways that makes this relationship a struggle.

The Ingredients of The Parental L.O.V.E Recipe

The first and main ingredient is the base and fundamental building block for everything else in the recipe, and without it children will not feel safe and parents will have to deal with nagging, not listening & sibling fighting. And this main ingredient is to show your LOVE, to connect with your kids at a much more deeper level and at a much more fun level as well. Because effective parenting is almost impossible if the child doesn’t feel your deep love. And The R.E.L.A.T.E. and Build Blueprint with its 6 skills will help show you how.

The second ingredient will make the biggest difference, and without it the recipe will not be healthy. And it’s to OBSERVE your own behavior, to be mindful of your inner state. The truth is that managing your own emotions and actions are what allows you to feel peaceful as parents, it what allows you to demonstrate your love and what makes implementing the other skills easier and more effective. And The Ultimate P.A.R.E.N.T Practice with its 6 ingredients will show you how.
But that’s not everything, because the 3rd ingredient , how you VOICE OUT your thoughts, is a key ingredient because it bonds the whole recipe together and has a significant impact on kid’s confidence, self esteem and behavior. And without adding it, the recipe will feel bitter. Because how you communicate your thoughts and feelings to your children matters. Every word your say stays in their head forever and one day becomes their inner dialogue. So we need to be very careful about the way we speak and The Powerful R.E.S.T.O.R.E Roadmap with its 7 skills will help you. finally you also need to mix the recipe with EDUCATION. You need to train children with practical skills that they will need in their adult lives. And The Respectful S.T.A.R Solution with its 4 skills will help you.

As a result of this recipe you will feel peaceful, patient, more present and you will produce better-behaved kids who will grow into terrific teens and adults.
And as with any recipe, you will add your touch, more of something and less of something till you find the taste that works for you and your family.


  • 26 Pre-recorded Videos (between 2minutes and 10 minutes each)
  • 24 insights for every part of your parenting journey
  • Life Time Access to the course content
  • 3 months of Group Coaching Calls (1x/week)
  • All Recorded Calls of the session incase parents couldn’t attend the call
  • Access to my personal Whatsapp group for the whole coaching period (3 months)
  • Free Access to all the upcoming webinars regarding topics not covered in the course like bullying, 
  • Access to my Private Facebook Community

Meet Tanya Fakhoury: Your Parenting Coach

Tanya Fakhoury is a Parenting Coach and creator of The Parental L.O.V.E Recipe Online Programme. Having studied from the official coaching school of Tony Robbins, she practices a type of coaching called Strategic Intervention that uses the most practical and effective forms of strategic actions and communication, rather than quick fixes, to enhance the parent-child relationship.

“In order for children to thrive and grow to be resilient and well adapted adults, parents must learn how to apply empathy in their approach to upbringing,” believes Tanya, “There is still such a low level of awareness of basic concepts yet these are easily learnt skills and crucial to help mothers become, peaceful, calm and happy”.

The Parental L.O.V.E Recipe Online Programme has been a labour of love for Tanya. After the birth of her daughter, she experienced a postpartum depression that lead to her seeking help through coaching. Having undergone an emotional transformation that impacted positively all areas of her life, she was curious to know more about coaching and specifically about Parenting. So she started attending workshops, taking professional training and reading lots of books. The more she learned and applied skills with her own daughter and saw results the more she wanted to share with everyone and it became her passion. Initially, she conducted her training in the park for free, teaching nannies and mothers how to apply her techniques. She visited nurseries and schools for further validation and feedback. 

After overwhelming feedback from the people she helped, she felt it had become her life mission and finally took the step to leave the security of her job of nine years. She acquired The Change Associates with her business partner, Rita Baki, and got the course licensed from the (KHDA) Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Government of Dubai.

Tanya has since assisted thousands of families in becoming more emotionally intelligent, building personal and authentic connections with each client. She has coached and supported them online and offline as well as privately on a one to one basis.  She has inspired mothers, fathers, teachers and professional caregivers with her proven solutions and gained their trust with her loyalty and integrity. The majority of her clients being Lebanese, Arabic expats & Emirati’s, Tanya delivers her programme and coaching in both English and Arabic. Culturally in tune with the Arab community, she understands the complexities and cultural issues that occur.

Today her goal is to help 1 million Arab families feel peaceful and more patient on their parenting journey.

Tanya is qualified Advanced Relationship Coach, an Emotional Intelligence Coach, Master NLP (Neurolingusitic Programming) Practitioner, EFT Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. She subsequently gave birth to her son using hypnobirthing. Tanya is also a member of the NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists) and IACT (International Association of Counseling Therapists).  She has been invited by companies like HAVAS Media, Sephora Middle East, Swarovski and NIVEA to empower their employees and share her journey. She created an online course for FINE to empower new mothers and it got a huge success.

Tanya received awards of Excellence from YPO, Dubai TV network, EO organization and regular appreciation letters from schools and nurseries she works with. She is the parenting expert for Baby-Arabia. She has regular appearances on television shows like MBC1’s morning show and Kalam Naweem also frequently called for radio interviews.


Janine Ibrahim raising  (4years & 2 year old girls)
Staying with kids all day during pandemic led the mom to revert to yelling, punishing and counting 1,23! Everything worked but for a very short period of time.
When I saw the Ad of the Free Webinar on Facebook, I directly registered hoping to find different strategies. After applying the skills I learned in the webinar, I found tremendous results. At first I hesitant to enroll in the Pre-Recorded Parental L.O.V.E Recipe but the 3 month coaching support encouraged me because I knew that I can get all my questions answered.
After implementing all the skills, I had no reason to revert to any of the old methods and my kids became cooperative without yelling. I confirm one thing: that after the program they are all happier, healthier and calmer.
“Thank you Tanya for your time and a big thank you for sharing all your personal experiences that resonated with us a lot and made us feel that we all can make mistakes as parents.
I recommend The Parental L.O.V.E Recipe Online Program to all parents.”

1. Azmi - Saudi Arabia – 5 years old daughter

A dad who took the course said: It saved our lives! He said that before the course everything was a struggle with their daughter. Our relationship has tremendously change, it’s a joy to spend time with our daughter now, even my relationship with my wife was improved as we don’t have to fight over our parenting techniques anymore.

2. Anita Chaddad Ibrahim raising (4year old boy/1&half year old girl)
Juggling work and family with all the challenges and stress was affecting our relationship with our kids especially our 4 years old boy. We were always thinking about ways to reduce yelling and arguing and when we saw the Free webinar ad on Facebook we registered hoping to learn ways to enhance our parenting skills. The webinar was so helpful and we directly enrolled in the Online program The Parental L.O.V.E Recipe that helped us change our perception towards raising our kids, to understand their needs, to improve communication, to learn how to plan strategically, how to set rules and routines and most importantly it highlighted our values as parents and our ability to raise resilient, emotional intelligence and self confident children. Thank you Tanya for introducing us to The Parental L.O.V.E Recipe course, we highly encourage all parents to participate in it. There are parenting techniques and skills that can be smoothly applied and that work like magic.

3. Saadi - Lebanon

A mom of 2 kids: I used to think that I know a lot of things because I read a lot but apparently I was doing a lot of mistakes that I didn’t know I was doing. This workshop gave me structure and confidence and my kids are happy and I stopped yelling.



The R.E.L.A.T.E & Build Blueprint is a 6-step blueprint that will help you connect with your kids and show them love in the way they translate as love. Each letter in R.E.L.A.T.E is a skill that you can easily implement with your kids, especially in the heat of the moment, and see results. 

Highlights include:

- The most effective way to show your love.
- The important role of emotions 
- How to handle tantrums 
- The journey to become a resilient child
- Skills to build Empathy


The Ultimate P.A.R.E.N.T Practices are 6 hands-on real life practices that will help train parents not to act while they are triggered, to adjust their emotional state and as a result to regulate their behavior. These practices will help them parent better and act from a space of love and not anger.

Highlights include:

- How to have a clear, compelling vision of what you and your family are all about. How this vision will help you adjust your actions in the present. 
- How to notice your triggers, to know when you buttons are pushed 
- The importance of self-reflection and how it can help you in your parenting
- Why apology is crucial in the parent-child relationship
- The importance of self-care
- How to heal the parent’s inner child 


The Powerful R.E.S.T.O.R.E Roadmap consists of 6 skills that will give you guidelines on how to voice out and communicate your thoughts and feelings in ways that your children actually listen to you from the first time. 
You will have a guideline that will help you always go back on track and restore your relationship with your kids no matter what happens.

Highlights include:

  • How your tone of voice can impact how kids respond to you
  • The impact of yelling on children and how to stop it
  • Why ordering makes children angry
  • Why Labeling impacts the child’s self worth and confidence and what parents can do instead
  • How to make children respond from the first time
  • Why Rewards only work in the short-term.
  • What is the haram of continuously praising children


The Respectful S.T.A.R Solution is a 4-step solution that will help train kids with practical skills that they will need in their adult lives. And when we educate them and train them they will feel that they have more power and control over their own world.

Highlights include:

  • How to train kids to become responsible individuals who can tell themselves what to do.
  • How to train kids on decision making
  • The importance of establishing boundaries 
  • Why punishment doesn’t work and what parents can do instead