English: Back-to-School Flash Sale: Feed with Confidence 1-18 Nutrition Course

English: Back-to-School Flash Sale: Feed with Confidence 1-18 Nutrition Course

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This course is in very easy to follow spoken English language.

What will I learn in this course and how does this help me?

This course is about the needed nutrition and approach for children to grow to their fullest physical potential, fullest mental development, and have a healthy immunity and relationship with food.

This easy to follow and practical video course and guidelines will explain the following:

  • What are the nutrition components and ingredients kids need to grow to their fullest potential such as proteins, carbohydrates, and fats and where to find them?
  • What are the vitamins and minerals kids need to grow to their fullest potential? How to avoid deficiencies that can impact the child's health for life?
  • What is the perfect meal for a child? What does the ideal meal plan for the week look like? 
  • Daily meal ideas and suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and a schedule to follow.
  • How can a parent practically plan the week's meals so that the child can receive all the nutrients they need?
  • How does a parent or caregiver safely prepare food for your child to avoid food poisoning?
  • How do I switch from a bottle to cup? From formula to fresh milk? How do I night wean?
  • How can a parent know if a child's growth is normal or not? How do they know if the child is overweight, underweight or normal?
  • How do I know if my child is a picky eater?
  • Solutions for picky eating and ways to prevent it. Such as:
  •  The reasons for picky eating ⁣
  •  The 12 rules for a non-picky eating home ⁣
  •  What to do if your child refuses to eat a meal? ⁣
  •  Solutions for picky eating ⁣

After this course, you will be confident in the food choices you give your child and also armed with tools on how to handle any situation. 



- Hidden names of sugar اسامي السكر اللتي يجب الانتباه منها
- Organic vs. Inorganic List for Fruits and vegetables ما الخضار الافضل شرائها عضوية
- Shopping Grocery List قائمة المشتريات

- Recipe Book for ages 1+

- Food Safety Guidelines
- Helpful Cooking Tips
- How to Decrease Toxins From Your Family's Meals
- Constipation for Babies: Causes and Solutions
Guidelines for children with CMPA (Cow's milk protein allergy)
- Shopping and Storage Tips
- Weight Gain Recommendations for Children Above Age of 1

- FREE: Reading Labels Expert Course


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How does the course work? Will it be sent to me?

This course is a video course that you can watch from any device. Once you make the payment, you will automatically receive an email with the course link. Click on that link and voila!

Who is this course for?

  • Any parent who wants to learn the what is a great meal for a child and how to create a balanced and healthy schedule of meals.
  • Any parent struggling with picky eating and wants help on solving the problem.

Can I watch the course whenever I want? 

Yes! You can watch the course on your own time. Please note however that the course duration expires after 1 year. Also, note that the course viewing limit is 3 times. Which is adequate for all moms. 

If however for any reason you face any technical issues and you need a reset. Please feel free to contact us.

What if I don't have time?

The courses are split into short videos that can be watched in little intervals. They are made to be effective, straight to the point, and practical to apply. Mothers find the courses practical and life-saving. Let us know what you think!



I can (and will help you). I am extremely confident that my picky eating approach will help you and this is why, I am offering a 100% refund on the picky eating MasterClass if it doesn’t help you. All you have to do is send us an email within 30 days of purchasing the course, if you’re not satisfied, I will give it back to your credit card. I will also take your feedback to enhance the course.

So do you have a picky eater? Let me help you. Commitment free.

There is one rule: you must watch all the MasterClass (1.5 hours) before deciding if it’s for you or not ❤️





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