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The confusion about the right information about child nutrition ends today! I was confused on the right nutrition for my baby even though I am a dietitian. After months of research, I know with 100% confidence what is the right nutrition for my child, and now I share this information with you so you can have the confidence as well. 

Let me tell you what this course includes.

The 6-12 months starting solids course is a video course which covers all the information a mother/father needs to make confident decisions about their child's health. The course:

Includes 9 videos worth 60 minutes in easy to understand English language.The video can be watched at any time from your phone or laptop. It is available for 6 months and can be viewed 3 times each which has been adequate for all moms who bought the course.

For questions about the course please e-mail info@mirnaelsabbagh.com

The video course includes 9 sections:

    1. Welcome to the baby nutrition course 6-12 months
    2. Should I start solids at 6 months or 12 months?
    3. What foods are allowed and not allowed?
    4. What do I start with and how do I progress?
    5. Which cooking equipment do I need and cooking tips?
    6. Which items do I need for my baby starting solids?
    7. Timing and Textures
    8. A note about processed baby food
    9. Schedule, Amounts, and Conclusion


- Hidden names of sugar اسامي السكر اللتي يجب الانتباه منها
- Organic vs. Inorganic List for Fruits and vegetables ما الخضار الافضل شرائها عضوية
- Shopping Grocery List قائمة المشتريات

- Food Safety Guidelines
- Helpful Cooking Tips
- How to Decrease Toxins Guidelines
- Important Info معلومات مهمة
- List of 6 to 12 Months Allowed VS. Not Allowed Foods
- Constipation for Babies: Causes and Solutions
- Guidelines for babies with CMPA (Cow's milk protein allergy)

- Shopping and Storage Tips


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Can I watch the course whenever I want? 

Yes! You can watch the course on your own time. Please note however that the course duration expires after 1 year. Also, note that the course viewing limit is 3 times. Which is adequate for all moms. 

If however for any reason you face any technical issues and you need a reset. Please feel free to contact us.

What if I don't have time?

The videos are SUPER simple and separated into short videos that can be watched in little intervals. Most moms say it is very practical and useful.


This course is by Mirna Sabbagh - Dietitian and mother. She has helped thousands of mothers over the years and shares information about nutrition from pregnancy until the child is eating healthy independently on her Instagram page where you can get SO many beneficial tips. For more information about Mirna and her expertise.


This course is also available in Arabic here.

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