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The confusion about the right information about child nutrition ends today! I was confused on the right nutrition for my baby even though I am a dietitian. After months of research, I know with 100% confidence what is the right nutrition for my child, and now I share this information with you so you can have the confidence as well. 

Let me tell you what this course includes.

The 6-12 months starting solids course is a video course which covers all the information a mother/father needs to make confident decisions about their child's health. The course:

Includes 9 videos worth 60 minutes in easy to understand English language.The video can be watched at any time from your phone or laptop. It is available for 6 months and can be viewed 3 times each which has been adequate for all moms who bought the course.

For questions about the course please e-mail info@mirnaelsabbagh.com

The video course includes 9 sections:

Section 1: Welcome to the baby nutrition course 6-12 months

Section 2: Should I start solids at 6 months or 12 months?

Section 3: What foods are allowed and not allowed?

Section 4: What do I start with and how do I progress?

Section 5: Which cooking equipment do I need and cooking tips

Section 6: Which items do I need for my baby starting solids?

Section 7: Timing and Textures

Section 8: A note about processed baby food

Section 9: Schedule, Amounts, and Conclusion


-6 to 12 months recipe book

-Items I recommend you buy

-What items are allowed and not allowed and why

-Meal Planner and more. 

-More testimonials below


Can I watch the course whenever I want? 

Yes! You can watch the course on your own time. Please note however that the course duration expires after 1 year. Also, note that the course viewing limit is 3 times. Which is adequate for all moms. 

If however for any reason you face any technical issues and you need a reset. Please feel free to contact us.

This course is also available in Arabic here.