Is your child a picky eater? Yes. I can help you.

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If you are here on this page it means you are utterly and unbelievably frustrated about your child's picky eating. I TOTALLY understand you. I have been through my child's picky eating phases and I dedicated my career to helping parents improve their children's diets. Below are some facts you should know:

Some facts you should know

1. It is NOT your fault that your child's a picky eater. Babies are not born with a baby manual. Life isn't easy and we often don't have the right tools or information at the time we need it.

2. Picky eating is VERY common. 50% of parents say their child is a picky eater. and YES it frustrates them all.

3. Picky Eating is reversible. A few weeks of effort and 99% of children will be eating a large variety of foods. Is it a walk in the park? No. Will meal times feel a thousand times better afterwards? Yes. Will you be extremely proud of your child's eating habits and of yourself for putting the effort? Hell yes.



After helping hundreds of parents with picky eating at the clinic, I have learned the reasons, family dynamics, and solutions to picky eating. I have now stopped doing picky eating consultations, because consultations where limiting the number of parents I can see in a day. Therefor, I created a pre-recorded course that combines all the knowledge I have learned from working successfully with parents. You can get access to it TODAY. 

All my tips are strategies are combined in the PickyEating MasterClass for Parents. I recommend you get it as part of the Upgraded Feed with Confidence Bundle.

I recommend you check it out. If you would like some free resources I suggest the below.

This article will give you an understanding of the reasons behind picky eating.

In addition, I discuss picky eating in alot of my content. You might find the below videos helpful:

Would you like to know:

  • What are the reasons behind picky eating including the top 9 mistakes parents make which make picky eating worse?
  • What are the top 9 foundations for a non-picky eating home?
  • The 5 step program from picky eater to great eater?
  • 20 strategies to reverse picky eating including 5 tested and proven advanced strategies to prevent and reverse picky eating?
  • How to identify if your child is a problematic picky eater or not?
  • How to handle picky eating situations so that they don't turn into family problems?
  • The exact words to use to transform any situation into a learning situation that the family can benefit from?

If you answered yes to 1 or more of the above, then you will absolutely benefit from the PickyEating MasterClass for Parents.

I recommend you get it as part of the Upgraded Feed with Confidence Bundle.


Mirna Sabbagh, an adult and child dietitian, nutritionist, and lactation consultant. She also has several digital courses: Pregnancy Nutrition Course, breastfeeding course,  starting solids 6-12 months courseand also child nutrition for all children including picky eaters, that you can sign up for from the comfort of your home.

The courses are pre-recorded. As soon as you make the course purchase, you will receive a link to watch the course from your phone or laptop.

You can also e-mail Mirna for questions on

Mirna is no longer doing consultations. Her online courses and webinars cover 95% of parents common concerns.