Mirna Sabbagh - Nutritionist and Dietitian in Dubai

Below I answer the most frequently asked question about my job at the clinic as a nutritionist and dietitian for children and adults in Dubai.

Where do you see patients for obesity or picky eating in Dubai?

I see patients in myPediaclinic in Dubai Health Care City. 

How long have you been with myPediaclinic and how many cases have you seen?

I have been at myPediaclinic as a nutritionist and dietitian and also a lactation consultant since I started my career in Dubai 4 years ago. I can not recall the exact number of patients but I have celebrated definitely more than a thousand patients. The patients range from overweight children and adults to picky eaters and picky eaters who are underweight. I would say I have 50% picky eaters and 50% overweight families

How is your approach as a nutritionist for obese adults and children different than other nutritionists in Dubai?

I was overweight myself and I have tried a lot of different diets and solutions like pills, painful massages, fat breaking machines, horrible low calorie diet and of course nothing worked because I was trying to find quick solutions for weight loss and not trying to really find the core of the problem and solve it through proper nutrition counseling for weight loss


What is your approach as a nutritionist and dietitian for picky eating children in Dubai?

Reversing picky eating is not a straight line as many impacts affect picky eating such as:

1. Medical conditions should be excluded.I usually refer to Dr. Medhat at myPediaclinic or another specialist based on the case

2. Dental cavities, I usually refer to Dr. Yasmin at myPediaclinic to check if tare are cavities or tooth pain causing the child to not eat

3. Psychological reasons or chewing difficulty that we refer for

4. The previous food choices and way food is given everyday

After the initial check if made to exclude the first 3 reasons we begin our approach to reverse picky eating in a 3 months program that has seen great success. The approach is very gentle and works on every detail in the family pattern and routine


You only see patients at myPediaclinic in Dubai? 

Currently yes because it's a beautiful and very friendly clinic. The kids feel very welcome. myPediaclinic has won several awards for being the Best Clinic in the Region


How do we book an appointment with you for nutrition services at myPediaclinic in Dubai?

You can book an appointment by calling 054 718 8123.

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I am looking forward to seeing you there.