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About Mirna Sabbagh - Dietitian, nutritionist, health influencer, and course creator in Dubai

Let me tell you why. Have any of these thoughts or questions occurred to you?

1. What is the best nutrition for my baby?

2. I feel frustrated I keep hearing opposing opinions from your doctor, dietitian, mother, and friend. 

3. What are these breastfeeding issues, why did no-one tell me about them, and what are the solutions! 

4. When to start solids? What to start with first? Baby led weaning or not?

5. Is organic important or a fluke? How much sugar to give? How do you know if your child is growing optimally? How much food does your little one need and what is healthy for your baby?

6. Most commonly, how,  for heavens sake, can you get them to eat and not be picky?

I wondered about all those questions too! Big time! Imagine my frustration when I was confused even though I was a dietitian myself! This tells you the nutrition world has become so confusing that even experts are scratching their brains! I think it is not acceptable for mothers to be confused about the most important decisions they'll ever make. The decisions about their child's nutrition during their  most important period of development. 

After years of confusion, research, trial and error with my son, and years of experience with clients in the clinic. I am now 800% more confident in my choices. I want you to feel the same absolute confidence when you offer nutrition to your baby.

I have translated my knowledge and approach into very affordable online courses so I can reach every mother in the Middle East without the financial barrier or physical barrier. 

I did the research and practice then recorded it, so that you do not have to suffer like I did. The confusion ends today.


You can e-mail me for questions or inquiries on info@mirnaelsabbagh.com

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Official Biography

Mirna Sabbagh is a licensed nutritionist (dietitian) and IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant). She studied in the U.S and in Lebanon and received her degree in Nutrition and Dietetics in AUB - Lebanon. She has helped thousands of individuals and families through her consultationns and digital nutrition courses for families to help them throughout every journey of parenting from pregnancy nutrition, breastfeeding, solids, and all the way until they are healthy independent eaters. Her instagram community reaches more than 200,000 parents in the region.

She has won TimeOut Kids Award for her work with children and has been featured on MBC, Arabiya, Dubai TV, Khaleej Times, The National and more. She is most known for successfully seeing results with many "hopeless" cases, who have tried several approaches and did not succeed previously.

Mirna is also a trainer and lecturer, she provides courses to health care providers and has worked with hospitals such as Al-Jalila Children’s Hospital, she also speaks as an expert at several conferences for child nutrition and lactation, including the International Pediatric Congress. Mirna has also co-authored a nutrition book with healthy recipes for the whole family “Super Recipes”

She has collaborated and given talks with several reputable organizations such as The Executive Council, Google, Barilla, Arla, Water Wipes and more.


Instagram Page @mirnasabbagh

I also share a lot of information on social media pages and I am so proud of our online community of awesome parents. You can follow me on the following link.

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